Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Press Club Supports Clint Watson

October 9, 2018

Press Club in support of Journalist Clint Watson

NASSAU, The Bahamas - The Bahamas Press Club cries shame on Deputy Prime Minister K. Peter Turnquest for his unfortunate and unfair marginalization of ILTV, it’s news director Clint Watson and the informative programme, “Beyond the Headlines.”

On the floor of the House of Assembly on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018 Mr. Turnquest categorized the content of such shows as coming from the “Black Belt Press” or “Ghetto News Network,” which he says he doesn’t watch, to save himself from having headaches.

But that is exactly the news that all politicians want and need when they seek to gain power or to retain it. They listen to the voices of the ordinary people, the people in the “blackbelt,” the people in the “ghetto.”

Clint Watson ably defended himself, his news station and the show, which he hosts.

Clint Watson is a respected professional in an honourable and respectable profession.

The time is long past when The Bahamas had just one radio station and one television outlet, which were controlled by the government. It is long past the time when the journalists, the editors, and the media house owners were dictated to by the politicians in power and threatened with lawsuits when the news did not favour them.

Today, there are numerous independent radio and television stations, which are prepared and able to fearlessly represent the “Fourth Estate”, and the Bahamian public at large.


Anthony S Capron
Bahamas Press Club 2014

For further information contact: Lindsay Thompson, Secretary, at (242) 434-5643 or 242-468-0862. Email: thebahamaspressclub@gmail.com.

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