Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Press Club Member Attends 7th World Congress Against the Death Penalty

February 27, 2019

Bahamian broadcast journalist Deandre Williamson is representing The Bahamas Press Club 2014, at the 7th World Conference Against Death Penalty, in Brussels from February 26 to March 1st, 2019. She is pictured at the European Parliament.

Press Club Member attends World Congress Against the Death Penalty in Brussels

NASSAU, The Bahamas – The Bahamas Press Club 2014 is pleased to announced that one of its members, broadcast journalist Deandre Williamson will be among media professionals at the 7th World Conference Against Death Penalty, which will be held in Brussels from February 26 to March 1st, 2019.

Miss Williamson is a former ZNS news reporter, and a former editor and reporter for The Bahama Journal newspaper/JCN. And according to Press Club President Anthony Capron, her presence at the Conference means a proud moment for the organization and the country.

"We in The Bahamas Press Club 2014 are extremely proud of our member Deandre Williamson who is currently in Brussels attending the 7th World Congress Against the Death Penalty,” Mr. Capron reaffirmed.

“With the wide views that will undoubtedly emanate from this universal coalition, Deandr√® should be better equipped and prepared to deal with the pros and cons in any discussion about the death penalty."

The Bahamas Press Club was invited to send representation to the Conference because it is a charter member of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Press Clubs Federation (ACP-PCF), founded in October 2016 in Kigali, Rwanda. The Bahamas Press Club was represented by then President Anthony Newbold, who was appointed Vice President and a member of the Executive Council of the newly-formed African Caribbean & Pacific Press Clubs Federation.
The coordination and support of the ACP-PCF activities is presently based in Brussels.

The ACP-PCF aims to establish a network of national press clubs or press centres, working in collaboration to strengthen the viability and professionalism of media bodies in ACP regions, and to foster intra-ACP communication, cooperation, and networking with similar international bodies around the world. PACP-PCF’s also seeks to create greater awareness of the basic features of the ACP-EU Partnership and build links between ACP and EU countries to facilitate and encourage the exchange of expertise and experience; and raising public awareness of key development issues, including post-Cotonou relations.

The Official Opening Ceremony of the 7th World Congress Against the Death Penalty was held in the European Parliament in Brussels on 27 February.

The event organized by the Ensemble Contre La Peine De Mort - Together Against the Death Penalty, which is the world’s leading abolitionist affair and is expected to bring together many stakeholders from over 140 countries.
Miss Williamson will be able to report on the dialogues and discussions emanating from the sessions, and expand her knowledge about the abolition of the death penalty in various countries.

For further information contact: Secretary Lindsay Thompson at (242) 434-5643.

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