Saturday, 15 May 2021

Bahamas Press Club Deeply Saddened By Death of Sir Charles Carter

Bahamas Press Club Deeply Saddened By Death of Sir Charles Carter

NASSAU, The Bahamas - The Bahamas Press Club today is deeply saddened by the passing of a noted Bahamian son, Sir Edward Charles Carter, KCMG. He was 78.

Sir Charles’ career ran the gamut from a radio announcer and television personality to the House of Parliament, and the Cabinet to newspaper publisher, and radio station owner.

Sir Charles, as he was affectionately called, was a pioneer in the early 1960s with the Young Bahamians radio programme on ZNS. He rose through the ranks of the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas and was instrumental in setting up the television station in the mid-1970s, for which he was general manager.

Elected to the House of Assembly in 1982 and again in 1987, he served as Minister of Health, and as Minister of Foreign Affairs. With the introduction of private radio in 1993, Sir Charles was in 1999 granted a license to open a radio station, Island FM.

For a brief period – 2004-2007 – he was the publisher and general manager of The Nassau Guardian.

For his stellar career in the field of Journalism and Mass Communications, Sir Charles was the recipient of The Etienne Dupuch Lifetime Achievement Award, the highest honour, during the Bahamas Press Club Media Awards in 2018.

Although he was unable to attend the ceremony due to his then failing health, his grandson Cayman Cater received the award on his behalf. Also present was his son, Mark Carter.

Sir Charles message to the Bahamian media was: “Find in your work the trigger, the love that makes you want to tell the stories of this country in such a way that you cause young people to have a better idea about this country.”

Sir Charles is survived by his wife Muriel Lady Carter, sons Eddie and Mark Carter and a host of other relatives and friends.

Former broadcaster and newspaper general manager, radio station owner and politician Sir Charles Carter received The Etienne Dupuch Lifetime Achievement Award, The Bahamas Press Club highest honour during the 2018 Media Awards held Saturday, November 10, 2018 at the British Colonial Hilton.  Pictured are Sir Charles (left), and Anthony Capron (right), President, Bahamas Press Club 2014.


Monday, 3 May 2021

Press Club Applauds Appointment of Freedom of Information Commissioner & Observes World Press Freedom Day

NASSAU, The Bahamas - The Bahamas Press Club 2014 says “hats off” to the Government of The Bahamas on the appointment of a Freedom of Information Commissioner, which brings the Freedom of Information Act closer to becoming law.

The Club sees this as a progressive step towards the strengthening of democracy, which we members of the media are bound to uphold.

The appointment of the Freedom of Information Commissioner and a deputy coincides with the observation of World Press Freedom Day on May 3, 2021.

This day as declared by the United Nations to observe and raise awareness of the importance of “Freedom of the Press” and remind governments of their duty to respect and uphold the right to freedom of expression enshrined under Article 19 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“Information as a public good” is an apt theme for this year’s World Freedom Press Day. It recognizes and addresses people and conditions in every sphere across the globe, especially in these pandemic times of COVID-19.

In that vein, the Bahamas Press Club 2014 applauds and upholds those fearless Bahamian journalists who diligently seek out, uncover and report abuses and corruption that may otherwise go unheralded.

We salute those in The Bahamas who are daily insulted and vilified for their attempts at seeking out truth and fair play. And we honour those in war zones and dictatorial regimes, whose very lives are on the line for the stories they produce.

Friday, 23 October 2020

Bahamas Press Club to Present at The World Press Clubs Alliance for Climate in Brussels


The Bahamas Press Club 2014 will join 120 press club partners around the world in the groundbreaking World Press Clubs Alliance for Climate to be held virtually at The Press Club Brussels Europe (PCBE).

The event will take place on Friday, October 23, 2020 - the eve of Climate Action Day – in a first ever 24-hour non-stop press conference. More than 23,000 affiliated journalists will participate successively in 24 time zones on positive climate actions and innovations.

The Bahamas Press Club 2014 is a charter member of the ACP Press Clubs Federation, with its Immediate Past President Anthony Newbold serving as Vice President.

As part of its contribution to the World Press Clubs Alliance for Climate press conference, The Bahamas Press Club 2014’s presentation submitted was centered on a video presentation provided by the Climate Change Unit in the Ministry of Environment and Housing.

The video, featured remarks by Prime Minister the Most Hon Dr Hubert A Minnis at a recent United Nationals General Assembly on Climate Change, the Hon Romauld Ferreira, Minister of the Environment and Housing who outlined activities of his ministry to combat Climate Change and its impact on the country, the Hon Darren Henfield, Minister of Foreign Affairs who exchanged views at the 20th Commonwealth Foreign Affairs Ministers Meeting on the threat posed by Climate Change, Dr Rhianna Neely-Murphy, Head of the Climate Change Unit, Ministry of Environment and Housing, Shenique Albury-Smith, Director, The Nature Conservancy and other stakeholders.

Anthony Capron, President of The Bahamas Club 2014 said that the organization was pleased to participate in such a prestigious worldwide, groundbreaking press conference focusing on the climate.

“We know for a fact that global warming is taking place. Something must be done now to limit greenhouse gas emissions in the hope that its effects thus far can be reversed,” Mr. Capron said.

To view the press conference log on to The World Press Clubs Alliance for Climate website:

The Bahamas: (1 PM EST)

Please see wetransfer link below. (download within 48 hours)  





Contact Lindsay Thompson, Secretary @ 242-434-5643

For more about the Bahamas Press Club 2014, visit

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Saturday, 7 March 2020

New Secretary General of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States sets out ambitious roadmap for his tenure

ACP Secretary General Georges Chikoti

New Secretary General of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States sets out ambitious roadmap for his tenure

Veteran Angolan diplomat Georges Rebelo Pinto Chikoti took up his position as the new Secretary-General of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States in Brussels on 2 March 2020. In an upbeat speech to ambassadors from ACP countries and partner organisations on his first day in office, Mr Chikoti said that he had a plan for his first 100 days in office.

During a press briefing on 3 March at the Brussels Press Club, Secretary-General Chikoti unveiled his priorities as he takes the helm of the organisation comprising  48 countries from Sub-Saharan Africa, 16 from the Caribbean and 15 from the Pacific that are signatories to the Georgetown Agreement of 1975, the founding ACP instrument. He told reporters that high on his agenda will be the implementation of decisions from the 9th ACP Summit held in Nairobi last December. These include the change of the name of the organisation which will be known as the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACP), the focus on multilateralism and the expansion of the ACP-European Union partnership.

The new ACP Secretary General will also have a leading role in steering on-going negotiations with the European Union to replace the Cotonou Agreement which expires this year. Mr. Chikoti expects the process to achieve a fair and balanced new agreement, through a singular negotiating framework, to be completed soon and the new accord signed by end of the year.

Climate change will be another area of interest for Secretary-General Chikoti who plans to visit island nations and those affected hurricanes such as The Bahamas, while urging strong commitment from big nations in this regard.

Mr Chikoti, who spent over 30 years in his country’s diplomatic service and was Angola’s envoy to Belgium, Luxembourg and European Union before his ACP appointment, spoke of his commitment to raising the profile of ACP. He promised to work with- and support- media, including the ACP Press Clubs Federation currently chaired by the Kigali Press Club.

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Bahamas Press Club Stages 2019 Awards Ceremony

“Media in the Digital Age”
Bahamas Press Club Stages 2019 Awards Ceremony

NASSAU, The Bahamas - The Bahamas Press Club held its Fifth Annual Media Awards Ceremony themed: “Media in The Digital Age”, in Black Tie fashion at the British Colonial Hilton on Saturday, February 29, 2020.

The awards ceremony was held under the Patronage of Their Excellencies The Most Honourable Cornelius A. Smith, ON, Governor-General of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas and Mrs. Clara Smith.

The evening attracted many who laid the foundation for a thriving media profession in the country. There was entertainment by Solo, lots of gifts and prizes.

Anthony Capron, President of The Bahamas Press Club 2014, underscored that “from the beginning of time and through the ages, the central message has not changed. What has changed, overtime, is the method by which that message is brought to the public.”

Communication has transitioned from rock paintings of zigzag lines, dots, and symbols during the Stone Age, to this current era of new communication technologies. Now, stories can be typed and transmitted; photographs taken and sent; newspapers read; radio listened to; and television watched from one medium alone: a smartphone, Capron described.

A Blue Ribbon Panel of judges spent record-breaking hours reviewing the works submitted by the media in various categories including hard news, sports, features, business, politics, investigative, columns, documentaries and social media. The work must have been printed or aired between November 2018 and August 16, 2019. The deadline for submission was August 17, 2019.
The Press Club selected for the Trail Blazer Award, the Rt Hon Hubert Alexander Ingraham, Former Prime Minister, for establishing the framework private broadcasting and Cable TV, throughout The Bahamas.

And, the top honour for the evening – The Etienne Dupuch Lifetime Achievement Award, the recipient was journalist and diplomat Ed Bethel who began his journalistic career in 1959 at the Nassau Tribune under the tutelage of Sir Etienne Dupuch and Sir Arthur Foulkes. He went on to join ZNS as a sports editor in 1963, and spend many years there, worked at JCN and other news agencies; a stint a Bahamas Information Services as its Executive Director and served as Consul General to New York and as High Commissioner to the Court of St. James’s, London, and Ambassador to the European Union. He is also a former President of The Bahamas Press Club.


1 - Leon Turnquest Award for Sports Print Journalism -
WINNER - Simba French – Sports Reporter, The Nassau Guardian

2 – The Phil Smith Award for Outstanding Sports Broadcast Journalism
WINNER: Jay Phillipe, Sports Reporter, ZNS (Northern Station)

The Kenneth Nathaniel Francis Award for Newspaper Design and Composition – WINNER: Whiteley McKinney, Page Designer, The Tribune

4 – The P. Anthony White Columnist of the Year
WINNER: Rogan Smith – Columnist  

5 - The Leslie Higgs Feature Writer of the Year
WINNER: Jeffarah Gibson – Features Writer, The Tribune

6 - The Cyril Stevenson Award for Outstanding Political Journalism
WINNER:  Genea Noel-Ferguson – Editor, Eyewitness News

7 – Best Documentary, Television (Long: 30 minutes to 1 hour)
WINNER: Clint Watson – Editor/Producer, Eyewitness News

8 - Best Documentary, Television (Short: 5 minutes to 30 minutes)
WINNER: Kenton Hepburn  - Digital Communications Officer, and Office of the Prime Minister.

9 – Best News Story, Broadcast
WINNER: Apryl Sands, Reporter, Eyewitness News

10 – Best News Story, Print
WINNER: Nico P Scavella, Reporter, The Tribune

11 – Best Business Story, Print or Broadcast
WINNER: Deandre Williamson, Reporter/Editor, Jones Communications Network

12 – Best Editing for Television News Story or Documentary
WINNER: Shamiko Gilbert, Eyewitness News

13 – Best Producer Award, Studio Live
WINNER: Genea Noel –Ferguson, Editor, Eyewitness News

14 – Best Producer Award, Live to Tape
WINNER: Shanaye Smith, Communications Officer, Office of the Prime Minister

15 – Website of the Year
WINNER:  ZNS (Gina Bethel)

16 – Social Media Award
WINNER: Eyewitness News, Eyewitness News Facebook Page

17 - Best Cinematography (Documentary)
WINNER: Kenton Hepburn, Digital Communications Officer, Office of the Prime Minister

18 – Best Video Editing
WINNER: Keesha Bethell, ZNS

19 – Best Newscast
WINNER: ZNS Northern Station 

20 – The Bahamas Press Club Student Media Award
WINNER: Anneisha Jones, University of the Bahamas Media Journalism School

21 – PAHO-WHO Excellence in Health Promotion Award
WINNER: Tosheena Robinson-Blair, Publicist & Freelance News Anchor  

Usually hosted in November of each year, The Bahamas Press Club 2014’s 2019 Awards Ceremony was postponed by Hurricane Dorian. As preparations for the November 2020 ceremony begin, The Bahamas Press Club 2014 looks forward to a continued outward expression of resilience- from members of the media and, overall, The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Journalist and Diplomat Edison “Ed” Bethel received The Etienne Dupuch Lifetime Achievement Award. 


Wednesday, 6 March 2019

EU Demands Money Laundering Convictions

Note: Broadcast journalist Deandrè Williamson represented The Bahamas Press Club 2014 at the 7th World Conference Against Death Penalty, which was held in Brussels from February 26 to March 1st, 2019. Miss Williamson is a former ZNS news reporter, and a former editor and reporter at  JCN. See below, her report from the historic Conference:

EU Demands Money Laundering Convictions
The Bahamas ‘Stubborn’ with Global Financial Obligations

Deandre Williamson
Journal Staff Writer

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – European Union Member of Parliament Sven Giegold called The Bahamas a “stubborn case” as he insisted that the country must carry out money laundering convictions before the nation can be considered for removal from the European Union’s blacklist.

“According to the figures I have, there are no convictions on The Bahamas because of money laundering,” Giegold, who was in Germany, said during an exclusive Skype interview with The Bahama Journal in Brussels, Belgium.

Last month, The Bahamas was blacklisted by the European Union and labeled as a high risk jurisdiction for financial crime.  However, the EU wants action from The Bahamas, which includes enforcing the financial services laws.

According to Giegold, all large financial sectors, like The Bahamas, have money laundering problems and there are globally agreed standards which are violated by fraudsters and people who have money to hide.

“If in certain jurisdictions, although it has a larger financial place, a larger financial center, and nobody is convicted, that is a clear sign that your regime doesn’t deliver,” Giegold said.  “That is the reason why The Bahamas was seen as a country that has not solved all the problems and this is not about destroying anyone’s business.”

Giegold, who is also the coordinator on the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee for European Parliament’s Greens Group, pointed out that The Bahamas’ position in the international debate was that the government would fight crime, not money laundering.

 “The position of your government was we will fight drug dealers, we will fight corruption, we will fight trafficking humans and so on, but we will not go after money laundering,” Giegold said, adding that “this is why there is a basically zero positive track record in The Bahamas.”
“This is exactly what is a very unfortunate position because fighting the money coming from crime is one of the most promising levers to fight crime.  So it is not enough to say we fight the original criminality.  We also have to try best to fight dirty money, so that the incentive to do crime is reduced because if you cannot use the money you make with crime, you’ll be less inclined to become criminal. 
“This is the reason why there is this global standard and The Bahamas have to show that you are cleaning up your financial sector and convict the fraudsters and close the accounts of those who have dubious track records of where they got the money from.”

The EU’s decision to blacklist The Bahamas was based on an evaluation by the Financial Action Task Force and an additional evaluation by the EU. 

An analysis was made which indicates that The Bahamas has a number of deficiencies in areas such as criminalization and convictions, customer due diligence in the financial sector, customer due diligence in the nonfinancial sector, powers of competent authorities, sanctions, international cooperation, beneficial ownership information, and targeted financial sanctions.

“The Bahamas is a particular stubborn case and that is the result of the evaluation that has been done,” Giegold said.
Earlier this year, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis and Attorney General Carl Bethel met with members of the European Union in Brussels, Belgium about the country’s involvement in international financial markets. 

According to Giegold, solving the issues behind the analysis is more important than Bahamian politicians visiting Europe for meetings.  

 “For this, we don’t need meetings in Europe,” he said.  “We want to see convictions and effective cooperation.”
Following the EU’s decision to blacklist The Bahamas, Bethel told the Senate that the government has addressed the concerns of the EU which involves the criminalization of money laundering and terrorist financing by implementing the Proceeds of Crime Act (since 1996) and the Anti-Terrorism Act 2018.

Also, Bethel said the customer due diligence and record keeping requirements were addressed in the Financial Transactions Reporting Act 2018, and its predecessor law with the same name, since 2000.

But according to Giegold, passing laws isn’t sufficient, and he explained that The Bahamas must also demonstrate to the public and global community that laws are not only passed, but applied rigorously.

“This means people who have broken rules such as due diligence, have opened offshore companies for criminal people, that they have to come to justice and the respective financial institutions lose their licenses.  There must be real consequences of these laws and then you are credible,” he said, adding that there are also other measures that must be taken before The Bahamas is clean.

Giegold, who is also an economist with specialization in financial crimes, hopes The Bahamas would work cooperatively with the EU because the EU has no intentions of destroying the country’s financial services sector.  He said the EU just wants The Bahamas to conduct business in accordance with globally agreed rules.

“Our subject is that you are a part of a global financial system, an important financial center, and at the same time do not respect the rules which go with open capital accounts.  That is the basis,” he said.” Our cup of tea is, there are global rules and they have to be enforced regardless who is in government.”


For further information contact: Secretary Lindsay Thompson at (242) 434-5643.

Sven Giegold, Member of European Parliament